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Huawei and NTT DoCoMo show 3.6 Gbps 5G

by on12 October 2015

Set up in Japan

Huawei and NTT DoCoMo have set up a 5G network in the land of bullet trains which can run at 3.6 Gbps if not interrupted by Godzilla.

The experimental network is the first of the real world experiments better demonstration because it was conducted in the real world rather than in a laboratory. So far we have seen huge transfer speeds managed in the lab. The International Telecommunication Union has stated that 5G should managed 20 Gbps.

Still 3.6 Gbps is still faster that current land-line based data network transfer speeds, which top out at the 1 Gbps.The fastest LTE speeds in OpenSignal's "The State of LTE" report for September were found in New Zealand, where the average LTE download speed was 36Mbps. The U.S. clocked in at 10Mbps, close to the rear of the pack.

Takehiro Nakamura, NTT DoCoMo's Vice President of 5G, said: "As the first in the world to succeed with such a large multi-user environment test, this is an important milestone. This is very encouraging as the industry works to commercialize 5G by 2020. Both Huawei and DOCOMO teams have made tremendous efforts. I look forward to even more impressive results when we move to the next phase of field trial in Japan."


Huawei Wireless' Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Wen Tong, said: "This joint field trial represents a significant advance toward fulfilling Huawei's commitment to developing 5G technology standards before 2018. Results like these show we are making rapid progress and are on the right path. I am confident that what we have learned here will be reflected in even more innovative technological advances as we continue working on 5G research."


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