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Intel Marshaltown aims for 20mm slim systems

by on11 August 2011

Intel calls it Innovation
Intel is moving Atom boards from essential to innovation market and one of the first Cedar view boards to get there is Marshaltown. The innovation market segment was first populated with Johnstown mini ITX board with 945GSE chipset and Atom N270 and Mount Washington, and it will continue with two new boards powered with two new Atoms.

Marshaltown board should end up with D7xxMT retail brand and at this time Intel doesn’t want you to know which of the two Atoms it plans to put inside. It is certain that it plans to use Cedarview-D CPU as well as unavoidable NM10 Southbridge.

The board is based on mini ITX and comes with SATA Gigabit LAN and of course integrated graphics that is now part of the new 32nm Atom CPU. This board aims for the slim systems with 20mm of less. The board uses 19V DC input and can support both VGA and DVI-D. his is the cheap innovation segment board for Intel’s perspective.

The other board to fit this market and replace D525MW Mount Washington old Atom D525 board is D7xxMUD board that has similar specification to Marshaltown with the exception hat Intel already tells the world that it comes with Atom D2700.

Atom D2700 and the rest of the Cedar View – D platform are expected to show up next month, at latest at IDF from September 13 to 15th.

Last modified on 11 August 2011
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