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AM3 performance is not great

by on28 January 2009


Will get better

The first AM3 bioses and boards from at least a one tier-one motherboard manufacturer currently have some performance issues with AM3 CPUs and DDR3 memory.

At this time, DDR2 AM2+ platforms are usually faster, while at least according to AMD’s power point presentations, AM3 boards should end up around five percent faster than AM2+ ones.

AM3 boards and bioses are being tuned as we speak but DDR3 for Phenom X4 and X3 doesn’t makes much sense as you hope to get five percent performance increase while the price of DDR3 is more than 200 percent higher, compared to DDR2.

The great news is that all AM3 CPUs will fit into AM2+ motherboards and they can work just fine with DDR2 memory and we believe that this is what majority will do at least at start.

Last modified on 28 January 2009
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