China officially agreed to the AMD Xilinx acquisition
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China’s regulatory authority approval is official

China’s regulatory authority has given AMD the green light for a $35 billion acquisition. USA, Korea, Taiwan, and the European Union already gave their blessing for the transaction earlier.

NXP deal still pending in China
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Friday, 15 June 2018 10:13

NXP deal still pending in China

Yet to be confirmed

A report that officially Beijing greenlighted the NXP deal has been questioned by Reuters which dismisses  the confirmation and backs its up with multiple sources.

Qualcomm NXP acquisition to close soon
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 08:54

Qualcomm NXP acquisition to close soon

Wants assurance ZTE Corp ban gets lifted

People close to the matter claim that China warmed up to the NXP Semiconductor acquisition by Qualcomm seeking assurances that the ZTE Corp 7 year ban will get lifted by the USA.

Qualcomm and NXP to refile Chinese Regulatory Approval
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Suddenly don’t like the proposal

China is not making it easy for Qualcomm and NXP and it has asked both companies to refile application for Chinese Regulatory Approval.


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