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Huawei and 3Dmark call cheating AI

by on10 September 2018

All clear, if you use an on switch

The parent company of 3Dmark UL and Huawei made a statement about the delisting of the latter's phones and agreed to work with each other to solve the issue.

Huawei doesn’t call its action cheating despite the fact that one of the senior software manager confirmed the optimizations to the media, but Huawei claims it on the machine. The exact words described it as  "an artificial intelligent resource scheduling mechanism”. This AI mechanism is used to "optimize resource allocation in a way so that the hardware can demonstrate its capabilities to the fullest extent, while fulfilling user demands across all scenarios."

In the future this will be called "performance mode" and UL pressured Huawei into releasing this performance mode to all its customers. This will eventually happen with EMUI 9.0 release rather soon as there has to be an on/off switch for this super optimization.

In other word, UL has folded in front of the Chinese giant and said it is ok to cheat as long as it is available for all customers. If this becomes a practice, other vendors will do that too and looking 3Dmark mobile with 8W TDP in an SoC that is not designed for that might actually burn your house down. This would be an interesting PR disaster to recover from. The news title that comes to mind goes something like Huawei AI benchmark burned your home, and it is OK as it is available for all customers.

Mike Magee and his colleagues at the Rogister came up with the phrase "viting the hands that feeds IT", which was one of the most daring philosophies that was incorporated into The Inquirer and after at Fudzilla. There will always be companies and sometimes your own clients pushing you to be nicer to them. Once you fold, it is all over and the Chinese giants heave to learn that this is not how journalism works - at least not for most.

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