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Snapdragon 845's guts revealed

by on06 December 2017

Adreno 630 and Kryo 385

Keith Kresin and Tim Leland just gave us a first glimpse of the inside of the Snapdragon 845.

Keith Kressin is a senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm, while graphics veteran Tim Lenand is a vice president who is responsible for Adreno, XR and camera technologies.

Alex Katouzian. SVP at Qualcomm and Keith reminded us they designed Snapdragon 845 and it took three years to finish and back in 2014 when the journey began, they focused on three key pillars.

The macro level focus was on social networking, virtual reality / eXtended Reality and Intelligence on devices. And,  of course, they wanted better security, faster communications and a more powerful experience.

The new Soc will help to make better pictures and videos, and combine the virtual and real world. Of course everyone realizes now the importance of artificial intelligence on  mobile devices.

The main part of the SoC includes Adreno 630 graphics that enables 30 percent faster performance compared to Adreno 540 in the Snapdragon 835. At the same time, it allows better Ultra HD Premium video capture and has 30 percent lower power consumption.


Adreno 630 is a "ground up" design focusing on Immersion, AI, and XR

The new SoC has the Kryo 385 CPU block and we expect to learn more a bit later. Snapdragon X20 is now inside the SoC, enabling 1.2 Gigabit LTE in phone form factors. Hexagon DSP will be updated to 685 and there is a new Spectra 280 ISP block.

Qualcomm brings better wi-fi, system memory, Acustiq Audio and mobile security, claims Qualcomm. When it comes to AI this is the third generation AI platform from the company that will enable a 3X performance increase to all kinds of applications available today, and in the future.

Let's not forget the new and improved Qualcomm RF chip, antenna tuners, amplifiers, power envelope trackers, and a better and improved Bluetooth.

Devices will arrive in the first half of 2018, and Qualcomm said it will bring new leadership with mobile user experience, and more "immersive" than ever before.

Last modified on 06 December 2017
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