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Qualcomm has broad PC portfolio

by on21 November 2017

EVP Cristiano Amon confirms

Fudzilla wants to let you know that Snapdragon 835 based Windows on Snapdragon is just the first step and the company’s Cristiano Amon confirmed that this is just the first of many.

Cristiano Amon is an executive vice president of Qualcomm and QCT president, SVP and general manager of the mobile business unit at Qualcomm. He is overseeing all the SoC and chip related tasks and development as well as the roadmap, so he is the guy to ask.

Snapdragon on Windows 10 is something that is making Cristiano and many others in Qualcomm very excited as it is opening up new markets for the company. There is definitely a space for all connected Snapdragon 835 based notebook.

As you should know by now, Qualcomm will announce the follower probably called Snapdragon 845 before the end of the year and it will start shipping in early 2018.

Without going into any specifics Cristiano dd confirmed that there is a roadmap of devices and that Snapdragon 835 is not a single flirt with Microsoft. Microsoft also confirmed that both sides are committed and that there is a long-term strategy.

It was suggested to us that there might be specific SoCs developed for this platform, going forward. Just as there are Snapdragon 800, 600 and 400 series, a similar approach is likely to happen in the future with the Windows platform too.

Snapdragon 835 is just a start with many more to come, and remember these machines can play more than 24 hours of video such as Netflix or stay connected for 17+ hours which definitely makes quite a difference. The next gen can only be better.


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