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Samsung patents folding phone

by on17 November 2016

Full screen that folds?

Samsung has filed a patent for a folding smartphone and there is at least one thing that might get you excited. 

If you put two and two together, Samsung and LG have showed flexible displays, and Nokia was working on a flexible phone for quite a few years before going down the Microsoft path. What should not be ignored is that Samsung patent for folding phone might mean that we are not that far away from a full screen foldable phone.

Yes, we do mean that the whole phone can fold and that it will still look as ordinary phone with 70plus percent of body to phone ratio. Just think about the Galaxy S8 or S9 that has 5.2 or 5.5-inch screen that can fold in half.

The logic board on modern phone is easy to fit half of the phone, battery can probably be split in two parts, or have two smaller batteries in two parts of the phone. Yes, the ribbon cables are flexible, so all your antennas and any other connections should be fine.

Samsung's patent could even evolve in phones with much bigger screens that would still fit your packet. We didn’t think that we will call a 5-inch phone mini, just 9 years after Apple introduce big screen 3.5 inch iPhone 2G.


Last modified on 17 November 2016
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