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Android Wear has 100-500k installs

by on20 November 2014

Smartwatches still not that popular

Android Wear is an interesting operating system and Motorola got a lot of positive press when it announced and launched the Moto 360 watch. Currently the hottest Android Watch to have is LG G Watch R, as this round smartwatch has a very nice looking exterior and brains to match.

Six months to cross 100,000 mark

We have been tracking the number of Android Wear installs since the platform announcement in late June 2014. Back in July Android Wear landed on 10,000+ devices, and have in mind that you need one in order to connect your watch. In August the number grew to 50-100k installs and in late November it went to 100 to 500k installs.

Currently more than 100,000 people have this application and we can guarantee that not everyone has a smartwatch to go along with it. Some people just like to see the app before they grab a watch - we did too.


The Android Wear platform has been on the market since June 25th and so far it has failed to attract a big crowd, or should we say millions of consumers. The original LG G Watch is now selling as low as €137.99 in Germany and this is already about 30 percent less than the original €199 launch price. You simply don’t cut the price so drastically if a product is selling well. The round version LG G Watch R sells for €259 at press time, but to be honest it looks a lot more appealing than its predecessor.

Apple may turn things around

We strongly believe that the wearable market needs Apple, thanks to its ability to reinvent existing concepts and get millions of Apple users on board. We are sure that Apple will sell millions of watches next year and some analysts expect the company to hit the 10 million mark, which would dwarf the current number of Android Wear devices. It is becoming apparent that Google partners will fail to sell even half a million units this year, including the holiday season. Android Wear is missing a bunch of features to be really useful, but it is a nice little gadget to have.

Apple showed off the Apple Watch a while ago, but it will launch when its software and hardware are ready. Google should do the same thing as Android Wear feels like Android 1.0 back in 2008. It will get better, but it will need a lot of time. Fortunately for Google, if the latest designs like the Asus ZenWatch, LG G Watch R and Moto 360 are anything to go by, the quality of Android Wear hardware, and perhaps more importantly industrial design, is getting better.

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