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LG G3 to get Android 5.0 in Q4 2014

by on28 October 2014

Christmas miracle

LG was never the best company when it came to new Android updates. We are not saying that it takes them long to upgrade, but we are still waiting for that extra valve on our steam engine which was promised years ago.

Even its flagship phones take so long to get the latest Android version that often we have bought something new before it is updated.

Now LG has said to its German Facebook fans that the LG G3 update is coming in Q4 2014. LG also went on record telling its customers that LG G2 is also getting the update but after the LG G3. They didn’t get any more specific than that. Many customers asked about the other phones including LG G2 mini, LG G Flex, LG L90, LG G Pro but company's officials declined to give any information, which probably it is still running on the slow track.

HTC also said that there will be an HTC One M8 update within 90 days from the official Android 5.0 version. We expect to see the final version of Android 5.0 coming together with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 that should start shipping on November 3rd. HTC should have its Android 5.0 with Senese 7 out by late January possibly a bit earlier.

Samsung should also have Android 5 coming to its Galaxy 5 phones hopefully this year but we still have to see the official confirmation from the company's officials. It seems like that the Android phone leading companies have recognised the importance of Android updates for its flagship gizmos and they plan to offer them to customers who spend the big money. .

We are quite sure that most 2014 phones in entry level and mainstream will be left out without Android 5.0 as the update costs a lot of money and companies are not eager to spend it on the outdated versions. Most of the phones to launch from this point on will come with Android 5.0 out of the box or at least a clear update path from Android 4.4 to Android 5.0 and possibly beyond.

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