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HTC: Samsung’s new phone is a band aid

by on26 February 2014

Shut up and give us your money

The troubled mobile phone maker HTC appears to be getting some light relief by having a pop at its rival Samsung. After Samsung announced its new Galaxy S5 flagship at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, HTC staff hit twitter.

First they posted an image suggesting that S5 owners would regret getting the Samsung handset after the All New HTC One is unveiled. Then HTC America president Jason Mackenzie retweeted an image that compares the gold Galaxy S5 to a band-aid. Of course, he does not mean in feed the world sort of way, more of a thing you stick on a cut.

He does have a point the S5’s perforated pattern and the "copper gold" colour do make it look like a giant band-aid. HTC also has gold versions of its One smartphones, but they look less like a surgical dressing, probably because they lack the holes. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released in other colours including “shimmery white”, “charcoal black ”and“ electric blue.” If HTC is right there might not be a future for "copper gold." Although the shimmery white one does look like a coffee strainer.

HTC hopes to "One Up" the S5 next month. However, although this is good news for the company, it might not translate into huge sales. Samsung can afford to burn billions on marketing, HTC can't. Last time around HTC also had a superior product, but Samsung outspent it and sold more Galaxies. 

Have a look see if you agree.



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