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Cisco: 99% of mobile malware targets Android

by on22 January 2014

We... Are... The 99 percent!

Networking juggernaut Cisco has published a new report into mobile malware and its findings will give iOS and Windows Phone users quite a few reasons to be smug.

The report found that 99 percent of all malware attacks are targeted at Android. The rate for iPhone users was 14 percent. Java is also a big target, as 91 percent of all web exploits appear to be focused on Java.

Unsurprisingly, Cisco also found that Android users face more risks than users of any other mobile platform. Most “security encounters” involve phishing, social engineering, forcible redirects and “likejacking”.

Hackers are especially keen on BYOD. As more and more businesses give a green light to BYOD, hackers are seeing it as another “business opportunity,” the report found. Hackers are also trying to monetize adware and spyware designed to target small and medium businesses.

You can check out the full report here. (pdf) 


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