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Lenovo reportedly working on Windows Phone phablet

by on22 July 2013

Quad-core, 1080p

Windows Phone isn’t exactly taking the world by storm, but it is a very interesting alternative for anyone who’s not in love with iOS or Android.

Now it seems Redmond’s fledgling platform is about to get its first phablet, courtesy of Lenovo. The device reportedly features a quad-core application processor and a 1080p screen. The screen size is estimated at 4.7 to 5 inches.

This would make it the biggest Windows Phone device to date, although it doesn’t sound very big or “phabletish” by Android standards. The biggest currently available WP8 phone is Samsung’s Ativ Si8750, with 4.8-inch 720p screen.

Nokia is Microsoft’s top hardware partner and it has been rumoured to be working on a Windows phablet of its own. However, the persistent rumours have not panned out, at least not yet.

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