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Bigger HTC One coming

by on28 May 2013

6-inch phablet?

We must admit that “phablet” is one of the worst tech terms coined in years, but it seems that the Samsung Note was simply too big both in terms of popularity and physical size to warrant a new name.

This kind of device is doing well in China, and we saw many tourists from Asia using this kind of oversized phones. Of course, phablets have not gone unnoticed in Europe and the US, either.

HTC now wants to step up its phablet game with an HTC One inspired design. The device, codenamed T6, is HTC’s new phablet, at least that’s what the chap from Vrzone @evleaks claims here.

The HTC One was codenamed M7 while the recently leaked HTC One mini codename is M4. The number in the codename doesn’t have to denote the name, but we can imagine that T6 ends up with a screen close to 6 inches, while the HTC One mini has something closer to 4 inches, which again doesn’t explain the HTC One codename.

HTC is betting its success on the positive hype that it generated with the HTC One and a smaller and larger version based on similar design might be the key to the troubled company’s recovery. Since we are almost confident that Note 3 again comes with a plastic body, HTC has a chance in this market as well.

Let's wait and see how this one will play out.

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