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Amazon working on killer 3D smartphone

by on10 May 2013

When Kindles just aren’t enough

Amazon is apparently working on a range of new products to expand its Kindle line of tablets and e-book readers. The Wall Street Journal reports that one of the devices is a smartphone with a 3D screen, but Amazon is also working on another smartphone and an audio streaming device.


The 3D phone is said to use retina-tracking technology, which allows it to display 3D images at all angles. The images should seem to “float” above the screen, like a hologram. The same technology could allow users to navigate around the UI using just their eyes.

This is not the first time we heard talk of an Amazon phone. In fact, rumours of Amazon phones have been floating around for ages, but this time around the source is pretty good and we have some specifics, too.

WSJ’s sources claim the smartphone and streamer are just part of a much wider hardware push planned by the e-commerce giant. Other devices are on the horizon, and they are codenamed Project A,B,C and D, or Alhpabet Projects collectively.
Funny that a book peddler should call them that.

More here.

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