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Google releases Glass spec

by on16 April 2013

16GB, 5MP camera

Google Glass is just around the corner and now we have some specs too, courtesy of Google itself.

The company’s product support page claims that the device will sport a 5-megapixel camera capable of 720p video. A total of 16GB of storage is on board, too.

Google claims the device will feature a durable frame and it will ship in one size that should fit everyone, thanks to adjustable nose pieces. The display is apparently equivalent to a 25-inch HD display at 8 feet, which means it won’t be huge.

As for audio, it is delivered via bone conduction. A similar technology is used by some militaries in helmets and other head mounted gear.

On the connectivity side of things, Google Glass sounds pretty much like any smartphone. It has standard b/g wireless, Bluetooth and a micro USB port.

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