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Facebook’s mobile home page is Windows in drag

by on08 April 2013

Straight from Redmond in 2011

Mark Zuckerberg's launch of Facebook Home has been marred by the fact that the app looks a little too close to what Microsoft as putting together in 2011.

Microsoft's forthright head of PR, Frank X. Shaw wrote on the company’s bog that when he tuned into the coverage of the Facebook Home event he had to check my calendar a few times. Not to see if it was still April Fools' Day, but to see if it was somehow still 2011. The entire presentation from Zuckerberg resembled the exact strategy of Windows Phone in 2011, he said.

Microsoft had already thought about starting with people on your home screen icons and the company's engineers had even thought that it would be wizard wheeze if you could tap your own face to check into your mobile world.

Shaw wrote: "While we applaud Facebook for working to give some Android owners a taste of what a 'people-centric' phone can be like, we'd humbly like to suggest that you get the real thing, and simply upgrade to a Windows Phone."

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