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Nexus 4 gets tiny redesign

by on29 March 2013

To better fend off scratches

Although new flagship phones from Samsung and HTC are mere weeks away, the Nexus 4 is still a rather tempting device. It doesn’t feature a 1080p screen, but it is pretty snappy and cheap. And it is a Nexus.

Now the Nexus 4 has undergone a slight redesign, with no fanfare whatsoever. The redesigned phone features a couple of tiny nubs at the bottom of the glass back. The barely visible bits help keep the glass off the table and prevent the phone from sliding on a smooth surface.

The camera housing was also tweaked. It is a bit smaller and the lens is no longer centred, it is slightly offset to the side. It doesn’t seem like there’s any practical use to it, so we are guessing LG just went for a different camera assembly.

You can check out the facelift here.

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