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Sergei Brin believes smartphones are making people antisocial

by on28 February 2013

Stating the obvious on a Wednesday morning

Google cofounder Sergei Brin believes the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices has caused people to become a bit more antisocial.
Of course, he also believes that Google Glass will be a solution to societal problems, although we wouldn’t bet on it.

“The cell phone is a nervous habit. If I smoked, I’d probably smoke instead, it’d look cooler. But I whip this out and look as if I have something important to do,” said Brin at TED2013. If looking “cooler” is a concern, we’re really not sure where a pair of ultra-geeky glasses comes into play.

Brin also argued that smartphones are giving more people access to data, regardless of where they are and as a result they are ignoring people they are with. We are not sure about this one either.

“Is this the way you’re meant to interact with other people? It’s kind of emasculating. You’re just rubbing this featureless piece of glass. Is this what you’re meant to do with your body?”
No, it is not. But then again neither is drinking, skiing, smoking, biking, skydiving and a bunch of other activities. People do them because they are fun and enjoyable, not because our bodies are designed for them.

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