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Google Maps returns to iOS 6

by on13 December 2012

Turn-by-turn included

Google has surprised us all by releasing Google Maps for iOS 6. We knew the app was in the works, but we didn't expect it just yet. This is what many iPhone and iPad users were waiting since the new iPhone with the iOS 6 launched.

So now, iPhone 5 offers users the option of using Apple Maps or Google Maps that are proven somewhat better, i.e. they actually work. The new maps app is similar to its Android counterpart, but it is designed with iOS in mind.

Consumers will appreciate the return of mass transit info and street view, but if you live in a city like Vienna, Austria, mass transit won’t work since the local transit authority want you to use their own application and website to make your way through the public transit system.

Many will be happy to know that turn-by-turn navigation made its way to the iPhone and this is also a nice move for Google, since so many people are fans of Google Maps and feel let down by Apple's mapping app. The navigation sound is like the one we had a chance to hear on Google Now for Android 4.1 or Google's Android application.

Apple took the higher ground and despite its world mobile dominance, the outfit was practically forced to admit that Google can make better maps than Apple’s own map team.

Overall, the Google application is better than Apple Maps for a simple reason - it has more accurate maps. In the end though, we heard that many people got used to Apple's stock iOS 6.0 maps.

Last modified on 13 December 2012
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