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HTC One X 4.1 update speeds the phone up

by on26 November 2012

Significantly in Quadrant, overall

We saw some preliminary performance figures for HTC’s One X with the new Android 4.1 update and Sense 4+ and we can confirm that the phone will end up much faster.

We were asked not to post the numbers as they were not final results, and once again we can stress that update is right around the corner. HTC is working on a coordinated release of the update for all, and it turns out that most territories at least in Europe should be getting the update more or less at the same time. Basically this means that some countries like Sweden will not get the update weeks before chaps in the UK or elsewhere. However, bear in mind that some carrier issues could still arise.

The Quadrant score jumps by more than 1,000 points and scores get rather close to the 1.7GHz clocked HTC One X+. Overall the phone should work much better, snappier thanks to Jelly Bean and Project Butter.

The original plan to get the update in October was planned for last week of October and after the release of the update in Taiwan, the HTC testing team decided to try to fix the issue and release a newer update when ready. This day is yet to come, but we were told it should be soon.

HTC One X owners, brace yourself for improvements in performance and battery life.

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