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HTC One X+ to get 4.2 update next year

by on21 November 2012

HTC on the record

We had a chance to talk to HTC Europe and we got confirmation that the highly anticipated Android Jelly Bean 4.2 for the recently launched HTC One X+ comes next year.

HTC is working as fast as it can to roll out the update, but the spokesperson doesn’t think it’s realistic to expect the update in December. The update will come in 2013. There is not even a timeframe that HTC was comfortable to discuss but it’s clear it won’t be in 2012.

We also learned that HTC spends a long period of time internally testing every update, and it takes a small army of people to get the update tested and ready for over-the-air updates.

It turns out that local telecoms gets strangled with dozens of calls after something goes wrong with the update, and they are the one that have to deal with the issue. Telecoms spend a lot of money on call centers and hardware support, so this is also one of the reasons why the locked phones take even longer to embrace the new update.

HTC tells us that they tend to invest more time in optimization such as power save mode that can significantly improve battery life. This trend will continue in the future updates such as 4.2 and beyond as HTC plans to continue offering more than a stock Android experience, with Sense on top of it.

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