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Samsung to release Galaxy S3 Mini

by on11 October 2012

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Just give the people what they want

Samsung is preparing a smaller version of its popular Galaxy S3. The smaller version is currently being called the Galaxy S3 mini.

The Galaxy S3 mini is to feature a screen that is much smaller than the 4.8-inch screen that the Galaxy S3 has. Samsung has a lot of people asking for a smaller version of the Galaxy S3 and they never pass up a chance to make a few bucks. The demand is said to be greatest for the Galaxy S3 Mini in Europe.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy S3 Mini will not be a stripped down entry level offering; instead, it will be a full featured offering that is the same thing as its big brother, with the majority of the features that made the Galaxy S3 intact.

It is expected that Samsung will formally announce and show the new device off later today during its formal launch. We will have to see during Samsung’s press conference if it is able to deliver the goods on a smaller version of the Galaxy S3.

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