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Nokia's Purity Pro headset color scheme hints at next-gen Lumias

by on03 September 2012


€299? So where’s Dre hiding?

Although one would suggest that companies would learn from HTC’s attempt at trying to flog mediocre audio equipment at premium prices, it appears that these lessons aren’t really quick to sink in.

Struggling Finnish handset maker Nokia has announced a new addition to its audio accessories – the Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset. The headsets are Monster-branded, so prepare for another round of pay-big-get-little treatment.  

The headsets use Bluetooth to run and can be linked via NFC or the aforementioned Bluetooth connection. The Purity Pro Wireless also has Monster’s active noise cancellation technology.

Unfortunately for Nokia, the press is so “excited” about the product that the color scheme drew more attention than the actual phones. Namely, the headset colors match the rumored color schemes for the yet to be announced, next-gen Lumia phones - red, yellow, black and white.

The Purity Pro headsets are expected on the market as of Q4 2012 and will cost €299, which is really re-damn-diculous. Seriously, that sort of dough can buy you some serious, pro-quality headphones, and whatever brand you pick at this price point, it will still blow the Purity Pro away like it wasn't even on – yes I am willing to bet on it.

Besides, we kind of understand Samsung for copying companies that are widely regarded as better, but Nokia seems to be keen to go down. Well, here’s to a good start.

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Last modified on 03 September 2012
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