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Jelly Bean penetration hits 0.8 percent

by on02 August 2012

ICS creeps up to 15.9 percent

Jelly Bean is currently running on 0.8 percent of all active Android devices. It is hardly an impressive figure, but the update has only rolled out to Nexus S and some Galaxy Nexus phones, in addition to the new Nexus 7 tablet which launched on JB.

Ice Cream Sandwich penetration hit 15.9 percent in July, which is good news as the share was just 10.9 percent a month ago. As more and more vendors and carriers roll out ICS updates for older phones, we are expecting to see strong single-digit growth in months to come. Gingerbread's share dropped from about 64 percent to 60, and Froyo is also going down.

However, it is all still a bit too slow. ICS launched in October 2011, or nine months ago. Getting to 15.9 percent in three full quarters is hardly something to brag about, but then again this is not (solely) Google’s fault. Google has already rolled out ICS and Jelly Bean for all Nexus products introduced over the past two years, but many phone makers are botching their updates or cancelling them altogether.

Basically they are telling consumers to get Nexus gear instead of their phones, but with a 0.8 percent JB share, it appears that very few Nexus phones and tablets are out there. This could change in a hurry if phone makers to get their act together.

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