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Smartphone penetration keeps growing

by on13 July 2012

But not all players are doing well

According to the latest set of figures released by Nielsen, smartphone penetration in the US is still growing.

As of June, a total of 54.9 percent of US mobile subscribers have smartphones in their pockets, but more importantly two out of three consumers are opting for smartphones when they walk into a shop.

Apple still dominates the market and over a third of smartphone users (34.3%) use an iPhone. The Android crowd commands a 51.8 percent share, spread around on Samsung, HTC, Motorola and other phone makers.

RIM is struggling with a 9 percent share and Windows Phone isn’t doing well either. Redmond’s mobile OS managed to seize just 1.3 percent of the market and Microsoft’s preferred partner, Nokia, ended the second quarter with a measly 0.3 percent share.

Symbian, Windows Mobile and other operating systems are on their way out, but 3 percent of American smartphone users still cling to Windows Mobile.

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