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Survey reveals top smartphone complaints

by on10 July 2012

Superphones they are not

A new survey aims to shed light on the most annoying features and bugs in several popular smartphones. The survey covered the most frequently reported issues with the Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, RIM Blackberry Curve, HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900, and by the looks of it all of them are pants.

Samsung’s S III is apparently prone microphone issues and half of all user complaints are related to the microphone. Also on the list: battery life, overheating and internet connectivity issues. Google’s Galaxy Nexus also seems to be experiencing microphone issues, which are responsible for more than half of all user complaints.

Surely, Apple’s iPhone 4S can do better? Not exactly, most users complain about poor battery life, with WiFi and Bluetooth coming in second and third on the list.

Nokia’s flagship Lumia doesn’t really have a single issue to point out. Some 25 percent of all complaints are related to a purplish hue on the screen, while complaints about battery life, the camera button and troublesome applications get 20 percent each. The main complaint levied against HTC’s Titan II is poor screen resolution, and “can’t find applications” ranks second.

RIM’s BlackBerry Curve doesn’t rank well by any standard. Most users complain about random reboots and  software errors, followed by missing applications and memory card errors.

You can check out the survey here. (.pdf)

Last modified on 10 July 2012
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