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New iPhone could feature 16:9 display

by on23 May 2012

1136x640 apparently

Apple’s next generation phone could end up with a 4-inch screen and for the first time Cupertino is said to be thinking about a new aspect ratio.

The first five iPhone generations featured 3.5-inch 3:2 screens in 960x640, or 480x320. However, the new one should drop the 3:2 aspect ratio and go with 16:9. The rumored resolution is 1136x960 and the screen should retain the same width and the same density.

The more spacious screen should allow Apple to stick another row of icons to the home screen and users will be able to enjoy video in the native 16:9 aspect ratio.

It sounds like a reasonable move. Personally, I enjoyed the extra legroom provided by 16:9 screens after I sold my good old 3GS. Of course, this view might not be shared by some Apple fundamentalists who have been touting the superiority of the 3:2 aspect ratio for years. Let’s just hope they don’t start blowing things up.

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Last modified on 23 May 2012
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