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Apple readies fix for iPhone 4S issue

by on03 November 2011

Software glitch in iOS 5 to blame

Good news for early iPhone 4S adopters. Apple has confirmed that it is working on a software update to resolve battery life issues with some early handsets.

Apparently to software glitch does not affect all iPhones and Apple claims only a small number of customers have reported it. This would explain why it went unnoticed ahead of launch. However, Apple claims the new software update will come “in a few weeks” so it seems consumers will have to struggle with the issue for quite some time.

In the meantime users are coming up with their own solutions, ranging from sensible to downright bizarre. Some things, like turning off location-based reminders and turning off Siri seem to help. Although they help, such minor tweaks are no real fix and it appears consumers will just have to wait for Apple to get it sorted.

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