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TI is the phone reference for Ice Cream Sandwich

by on29 September 2011

Not clear if it's reference for tablets 
We got confirmation about who is who for 2011 at Google’s Android plans. Our well informed sources have confirmed that Android Ice Cream Sandwich reference platform is indeed based on Texas Instruments OMAP 4 chips, but TI is allegedly the reference platform for phones.

It is not clear if Texas Instruments is a reference platform for tablets as well, but we have to say that Texas Instruments has won a few important accounts and it rumoured that it’s a part of just announced Kindle Fire, $199 tablet.

OMAP 4 also got a lot of phone design wins, with its ability to go to 1.5GHz with OMAP 4460. Once OMAP 4470 shows up, the clock will ramp to an impressive 1.8GHz. First OMAP 4460 devices are expected in October / November time, while OMAP 4470 samples to customers in Q4 2011 and the retail availability of devices based on OMAP 4470 is expected in the first half of 2012.

You can imagine that some OMAP 4460 devices will show up in retail by November and some of them will launch with Ice cream Sandwich. We can only suspect that Samsung will have its own chip in Google Nexus prime phone, the one that is supposed to show up already in October and this one will run Ice Cream Sandwich. 

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