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Intel's new tablet / phone 32nm chips next year

by on22 August 2011

Working on Medfield / Clover Trail
Intel is still not giving up on its tablet and phone chip dream, and with time it is getting better. The new chip to replace Atom Z670 for tablets is expected in the first half of 2012 and is codenamed Medfield.

We don’t know many details at the moment but it will definitely get better than 1.5GHz single core with 3W TDP and 45nm. Once the game goes down to 32 and later to 22nm, TDPs and power will get much better.

There might be some demos of this chip at IDF, but we don’t believe that Intel is ready to give up much details. We’ve seen some phone chip prototypes around this time last year that had quite nice performance, but at the same time had too high idle power. It was promised that once Intel gets to 32nm and Medfield, idle should become much better, significantly better than Atom Z670 and Oak Trail platform.

Even Intel's CEO said that the company is working with a few phone manufacturers and that Medfield fits nicely into phone power envelope. Intel also has Clover Trail, a CPU that might be the one to replace the Oak Trail tablet PC and still get to market in the second part of 2012, before the launch of Windows 8.

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