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Jensen calls Tegra 2 tablets a success

by on16 August 2011

Early products had issues, now all great

When asked by an analyst about Tegra 2 during Nvidia fiscal Q2 2012 conference call, CEO Jen Hsun Huang did admit that the original few tablets did had many issues at start, mainly OS related.

Now with the introduction of Android 3.1 and 3.2 “fabulous software” Jensen believes that most obstacles are gone and that there is nothing in the way of Tegra 2 tablets to become a mega success.

Tegra 2 tablets are getting better all the time and they are getting thinner and lighter. He also confirmed that 7 inch tablets are coming and that WiFi version of some of the tablets for $399 are definitely priced right. He didn’t say that first versions were too expensive but you can read between the lines.

Jensen sees a lot of innovation around tablets as they “started clumsy but fixed itself quickly” but you can see a lot of innovation, such as Asus Transformer and you can get them as thin as Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet.

Jensen calls Tegra 2 tablet sales “wonderful” but we believe that sales could have been much better. Many agree that sales are getting better and better but we are not sure what to say about Jensen’s fiscal Q2 2012 conference call and claim that Nvidia see Tegra 2 tablets as huge success.

Sales of Tegra 2 accounts 30 percent of market, probably of what’s left of the market when you don’t include Apple’s tablets, but Nvidia was not clear on that. The tablet hype simply failed to materialize for anyone but Apple at least in the first half of 2011. Sales were ok, but many have expected much more.

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