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Jensen: we are better prepared for 28nm

by on15 August 2011

Working silicon

Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s CEO was asked about the 28nm transition and he was quite positive about it. Why should not he be, as his job is to make things work and he can hope that all will go well with the transition from 40nm to 28nm. Let me remind you that all semiconductor companies had a really painful transition to 40nm.


Jensen claims that in transition from 28nm from current 40nm Nvidia is much better prepared. He said that Nvidia already has working silicon on 28nm, he didn’t tell which one, and that the company is getting ready to start the production on 28nm.

Nvidia has set up an entire organization dedicated to transition to the new node. Too many things are at stake as Nvidia has to transition with both graphics chips and mobile Tegra chips to the new node. The transition is expected to start this year and most likely you won’t see any 28nm chips from Nvidia before 2012.

There is no change, TSMC is the company of choice and Jensen calls this marriage of convenience a “comprehensive engagement between Nvidia and TSMC”.
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