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Intel committed to MeeGo

by on21 February 2011

Could earn a few bucks
Not only is Intel staying committed to MeeGo, but we also heard from Intel’s mouth that it actually can make a few bucks from it.

Nokia is out and Intel is not happy that the decaying Finnish mobile manufacturer opted out from the project and went for Windows Phone 7, but Intel is committed to continue on its own.

There are plenty of Taiwanese manufacturers who won’t have much choice other than to embrace MeeGo in order to get better deals on the rest of the portfolio but even with this power, we don’t see much future for the OS.

An Intel employee told us that for a full blown optimised and application packed MeeGo, Intel can make a few bucks and end users can download vanilla edition for free. The choice is yours.

With Windows 8 mobile coming as early as Q1 2012, Android 3 getting really strong in this year, HP remains committed to Palm OS and Blackberry OS, there aren’t that many chances for MeeGo. Let’s wait and see how this plays out for Intel.
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