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Verizon to get Xperia first

by on14 February 2011

Will arrive in early Spring
The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone will arrive on Verizon first for those who want the PlayStation Phone in the U.S. While the device will be officially launched with a number of carriers worldwide in March, Verizon is only saying that they will have it available sometime in the early Spring.

The initial reaction to the first PlayStation Phone offering is mixed. It does seem that there is a lot of interest in the device, but it is difficult to say if that will be enough to propel sales with the amount of stiff competition that the device will have. Sony is claiming, however, that they will have 50 titles available for the device at launch which will turn some heads.

Analysts that we spoke with suggest that a lot will hinge on how good the Xperia Play is at being an actual smartphone, rather than a gaming device. As one analyst told us, “It will be important for the Xperia Play to be a solid and robust smart phone first that is full featured on these fronts, as many will want to sure that it can deliver this before even looking at the gaming abilities of the device.”

We tend to agree that the smartphone functionality will be important, but we suspect that because of the design of the device and its use of the Android OS, it should not be as much of a concern as some are thinking it could be. On the other hand, you just never know till you actually try it and see how it performs.

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