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Nvidia denies Tegra 2 yield issue

by on17 January 2011

High quality screen shortage more likely
Back at Vegas we heard a rumor about Tegra 2 yield issue and the same rumor has been confirmed by a few analysts. Nvidia got back to us denying the Tegra 2 yield issue but we heard that high quality screens might be difficult to get these days.

Motorola and LG are on a good path to ship its phones and tablets later this quarter, Point of View is shipping its Tegra 2 tablets in Nordic countries and Holland, while Toshiba got first Folio 100 tablets out last week.

Time will tell if this yield problem is realistic but Nvidia had good parts of 2010 to produce enough of Tegra 2 chips. Of course, if shortages do occur, we are sure that Nvidia has the power to blame it on the high demand.

As for now, the official response is that there are no Tegra 2 yield issues.

Last modified on 17 January 2011
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