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Tegra 2 doesnt need more power than Tegra 1

by on07 October 2010

Still 150 to 200mW

It looks like that Tegra 2 is a good CPU even for mobile phones, or super phones how Nvidia's Tegra general manager Mike Rayfield likes to call them.

He can see them in many phones in 2011 and the most important thing is that it looks like that Tegra 2 won’t need much more power than much older Tegra 1 chip.

Mike has confirmed that Tegra 2 should need some 150 to 200mW which is roughly the same as Tegra 1. The reason why is that Tegra 2 only peaks at the highest speed clock when it’s absolutely necessary and the second core won’t be active at all times. Tegra 2 can peak the both cores and the maximal clock, but this scenario will only be active for the shortest possible time, when the peak of perfoamance is necessary.

Once the heavy task, eg. launching an application in multitasking is over, the CPU will decrease its clock and maybe even turn the other core completely, in order to save battery life.

Tegra 2 is not an exception, as you can expect similar performance from other ARM 9 adopters, but we would not be surprised to see that Tegra 2 could be able to do this power management better. Just remember that Nvidia has been playing with this technology for at least 10 years with its nobook power saving techniques such as Optimus.

Weather you like it or not, dual-core CPUs will be the part of your next generation superphone, as soon as next year.
Last modified on 07 October 2010
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