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2011 is the year of dual-core superphones

by on07 October 2010


Nvidia mobile boss believes

A few weeks ago we talked to some key people at Nvidia and we still have a few details to reveal from these talks. Tegra general manager Mike Rayfield told us that Nvidia strongly believes that we will see a new phone category in 2011. He calls them superphones.

These are phones with 4-inch or bigger screens and somehow iPhone 4 also fits the picture even though it has a smaller screen. After all it’s Apple who changed the mobile market forever and many look to this company as the clear leader in mobile technologies.

HTC EVO 4G is one good example he added and that people relay like the 4.3 inch screen. In 2011 these phones will get dual-core CPUs and some of them should get Tegra 2. The OS of choice looks to be Android 3.0, but of course Apple's iPhone OS will remain very influential in this market.

The future is definitely that the next generation iPhone 5 and next generation HTC devices have to come with dual-core ARM-based processors inside, as this is the way technology moves. Let's just hope that they won’t affect battery life that much. Push email is already setting us back to a 24-hour usage cycle in most single-core 1GHz ARM 8 phones.
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