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Rumors of PlayStation phone continue

by on24 September 2010

Could be an Android-based offering
It seems that once again we revisit the rumor of a potential PlayStation mobile phone. This time, however, Sony is apparently hiring for a position that has again breathed new life into the PlayStation phone rumor mill.

The position is looking for a developer with “experience in mobile development” and “specifically with Android is a plus”; in addition, the candidate is expected to have “knowledge/experience in online gaming.”

Like a brush fire, this has ignited a number of new rumors based on the previous whispers that Sony Ericsson was working on a PSP phone that was powered by the Android OS to have launched in October. Of course, this device was a no-show; but Sony put an end to those rumors saying that there would be no launches in the mobile space for the remainder of 2010.

Our sources now suggest that it is a continued work in progress that the company might be looking to show off next year, maybe at CES or E3, perhaps. Still, it seems that it is only a rumor; but it could be that Sony continues to look at what might be possible in this space, and you have to hire the right kind of talent to do this. For the time being, we don’t suggest too much excitement, as it is likely just another rumor in the wind that isn’t going to yield anything till next year, at the earliest.
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