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AT&T & RIM to launch 9800

by on28 July 2010

First OS 6 Blackberry to arrive August 3rd
AT&T and RIM have been busy sending out invites for the launch of a mystery product that will be launched in New York on August 3rd. Of course, we already have heard from our sources that the product to be announced will be the new BlackBerry slider that will go by model number 9800.

Besides the fact that the 9800 is the first BlackBerry “slider” model, it will also have a touchscreen. The bigger draw, however, has to be the news that this will be the official coming out party for launch of the new BlackBerry OS 6, which is a big part of the future of the BlackBerry platform while at the same time a very important part of RIM’s strategy going forward.

While our sources seem to be talking a lot about the innovation that OS 6 will bring to the BlackBerry platform, it seems that they are a big more concrete as to the outlook for the 9800 touchscreen slider. As one of our men in the shadows told us, “…it will either be a brilliant move for RIM that will boost sales and go down as a turning point of the history of the BlackBerry platform or it will be a total flop.” It remains to be seen which it will turn out to be, but we don’t think from what we have seen that there will be a lot of in-between on whether people like the 9800 or not.
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