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Verizon halts tests of OS 6 on Storm 2

by on22 July 2010

Lack of RAM could be the reason why
Sources are confirming to us that Verizon has halted testing for the time being of BlackBerry OS 6 on the Storm 2. From what we have been told, the reason why seems to have more to do with issues with the builds from RIM in conjunction with the lack of RAM on the Storm 2.

From the grumbling that we are hearing, the issue that has come to the surface again is that apparently 256MB just isn’t enough for BlackBerry OS 6, and without more RAM the OS 6 builds seem to perform poorly. Those close to Verizon claim that the 256MB simply isn’t enough.

What might be more interesting is that OS 6 builds are apparently floating around with various carriers for the BlackBerry 9700 256MB version, as well. Apparently, this isn’t an issue with the 256MB version of the 9700, and while not yet bug free, seems to be working fine.

The bigger issue seems to be the lack of guidance and communication from RIM on the requirements for OS 6. As one can imagine, the general consensus has been that 256MB BlackBerry models will not be able to handle OS 6, but apparently RIM has not confirmed this officially.

Right now, things are still up in the air and our sources seem to think that RIM will make an official announcement as the OS 6 gets closer to launch; but in the meantime, it is difficult to say which units are and are not a safe purchase if your goal is to be able to run OS 6. We have to think that 256MB units might be a bad decision if you want OS 6, but till RIM confirms this as fact we will have to just wait and see.
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