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Over 1 Million 3G iPhones sold

by on15 July 2008


Over 10 million app downloads, as well

It was the weekend that the iPhone fans were waiting for and the results are impressive. Apple was able to move over 1 million iPhones this past weekend in a simultaneous launch in over 21 nations. For the first generation iPhone it took a reported 74 days to move 1 million units, so Apple has to view this launch as successful.

The scale of the launch had iPhone fans waiting in line, but many were disappointed with activation troubles and network issues that led to many users winding up with an iPhone that could not make or receive calls, or worse yet, was bricked all together.

Many AT&T stores ran out of iPhone inventory early on in the weekend, while many AT&T stores only had the 8GB model left to sell as they ran out of the 16GB model early. Apple stores fared a bit better, but the result was still the same, with a reported 95 retail Apple stores completely drained of all iPhone inventory.

If the over 1 million 3G iPhones sold in one weekend boggles the mind, then you might be amazed by the fact that Apple has reported that over 10 million applications were downloaded for the iPhone from the iTunes App Store since release. This news has fueled rumors that many software developers are now chomping at the bit to get applications developed for the iPhone. It does seem that the market exists for these applications and consumers are in a buying mood when it comes to applications for their iPhones.

Apple tried to learn from the mistakes and missteps from its first iPhone roll out by insisting that phones needed to be activated in the store rather than through using iTunes. By taking this tact, Apple was able to tie users to contracts in an attempt to prevent them from buying the phone and taking it to another provider.

Still, the activation process was very problematic due to what can only be described as network overload. While the activation problems seem to have been corrected, many owners of the original iPhone now find themselves with an “iBrick” after attempting to update their firmware to the latest version.

While the lines and activity from the weekend have dissipated, many were still left without the 3G iPhone that they were seeking. One customer we spoke with waited in line for four hours on Friday, only to be told when it was his turn the AT&T store he was at had run out of 16GB iPhone and only had a couple of the 8GB models left. Not wanting to miss out, he drove across town and waited in line another three hours at the local Apple store to get his hands on the elusive 16GB 3G iPhone.

Apple is said to be working quickly to replenish stock levels at both AT&T and Apple stores, but because of the better than expected response, inventory is expected to be tight for at least the next several weeks. Some smaller stores may have units left in stock, but we suggest that you call around before heading out.

Last modified on 15 July 2008
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