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German startup working on PC cloud

by on11 October 2023

A real personal computer

A German startup has launched Space OS, which it claims is a move towards a real cloud-based PC.

Deta CEO Mustafa Abdelhai said his company had created the first step in putting the personal back in the personal computer.

"Personal computing dived at the turn of the century when cloud computing became big. We all moved to the cloud, moved our data, and we no longer own it. It's just somebody else's computer." Deta wants to give it back

Abdelhai said that instead of a big empty screen full of icons, your desktop should be an infinite canvas on which you can take notes, watch movies, or run full apps just by drawing a rectangle.

Instead of logging in to a bunch of cloud services over which you ultimately have no control, you should be able to download software like PC users did 20 years ago, and the stuff you download should be entirely yours. All your apps should talk to each other so you can move data between them or even use multiple apps' features simultaneously. You should be able to use AI to accomplish almost anything. And it should all happen in a browser tab.
Deta's trying to undo that a bit, to embrace the cloud and the expansive universe of apps while giving you back the feeling that your computer -- and everything on it -- is yours and no one else's because your computer should be yours -- even if it's on somebody's server.

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