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Google expands intelligent cloud into healthcare

by on08 June 2023

Helping medical professionals find patent information

Google's cloud business is expanding its use of new artificial intelligence technologies in health care. It allows medical professionals at Mayo Clinic to find patient information using tools powering the latest chatbots quickly.

Google Cloud said Mayo Clinic is testing a new service called Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder. The tool effectively lets clients create chatbots using Google's technology to scour disparate internal data.

In health care, workers can interpret data such as a patient's medical history, imaging records, genomics or labs more quickly and with a simple query, even if the information is stored across different formats and locations.

Mayo Clinic, one of the top hospital systems in the US with dozens of locations, is an early adopter of the technology for Google, which is trying to bolster the use of generative AI in the medical system.

Mayo Clinic will test out different use cases for the search tool in the coming months. The outfit’s chief technology officer Vish Anantraman said it has already been "very fulfilling" for helping clinicians with administrative tasks that often contribute to burnout.

For instance, if a physician needs to see information about a cohort of female patients aged 45 through 55, including their mammograms and medical charts, they can enter that query into the search tool instead of seeking out each element separately. Similarly, if a physician needs to know which clinical trials a patient may match, they can search for that, too.


Last modified on 08 June 2023
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