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IBM launches z15 mainframe

by on12 September 2019

Mainframe finds a new lease of life

IBM today launched its z15 mainframe, with what it claims is industry-first data privacy & security capabilities for the cloud, specifically, hybrid, multi-cloud.

The z15, which has been designed explicitly for hybrid cloud security and cloud-native app development, includes, IBM claims,  the first technology in the industry to manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multi-cloud environments. It has added data access via policy-based controls and industry-first capability to instantly revoke access to the company’s data held by partners in the supply chain.

Oliver Presland, Vice President, Global Product Management, Ensono commented on the product launch: “For a long time, commentators have predicted the demise of the mainframe, but we are our enterprise clients are continuing to embrace them as part of a hybrid approach to infrastructure. It’s not hard to see why. Everything that mainframe is renowned for, from security to reliability, versatility to performance – makes them as relevant today as they have ever been.

“The announcement of the z15 today, explicitly designed for hybrid cloud security and cloud-native app development makes will see mainframe maintain its position in enterprise infrastructure. These features, combined with increased security through encrypted data and the ability to manage access via policy-based controls, makes it ideal for the GDPR era. IDC reports global spending on mainframes was $3.57 billion in 2017, and it expects the market will still command $2.8 billion in spending annually by 2022, highlighting the longevity of the technology.

“This announcement illustrates that mainframe will continue to provide the computing backbone for daily transactions for consumers, from booking hotels and flights, to paying for groceries on credit card.”

Here are some of the z15 highlights: 

  • configurable processor core count increased from 170 to 190 
  • 14 per cent single-thread performance improvement and a 25 per cent  increase in maximum system processing capacity.
  • 25 per cent more RAIM memory to 40TB  
  • Up to 17X compression throughput increase 
  • 20 per cent  more I/O channels 
  • Up to four 19” racks (IBM calls them frames) 
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