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Corsair announces new Dominator Platinum DDR4 Special Edition kits

by on30 September 2016

Limited Edition numbered kits in Chrome and Blackout finish

Corsair has announced its new Dominator Platinum Special Edition DDR4 memory kits that will be available in a limited edition and two versions, with mirror finish Chrome and brushed aluminum Blackout heatsinks. 

According to Corsair, these two new Dominator Platinum kits will be available in limited quantities of 500 kits each and come in 32GB kit options (4x8GB or 2x16GB) working at 3,200MHz. Each kit will be individually numbered with laser engraving and will be available mirror Chrome or black anodized aluminum Blackout finish. 

As it was the case with earlier Dominator Platinum series DDR4 memory from Corsair, these new limited edition kits will also feature a 10-layer PCB and specially screened chips, which should allow it to easily hit 3,600MHz overclock, as well as feature a special integrated lighting with illuminated light-pipe, DHX cooling technology and full XMP certification.

While there are probably a lot of 32GB memory kits running at 3,200MHz, we are quite sure that a limited edition numbered kit with such high-end heatsinks will appeal to a certain crowd, especially those that want to either match the rest of their system with high-end Chrome or Blackout memory kits or simply want to see how far can these be pushed when overclocked. 

Both the Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition Chrome and CORSAIR Dominator Platinum Special Edition Blackout will be available exclusively from the Corsair webstore in the US, the UK and Germany with a price set at US $329.99 exc. tax, £309.99 inc. VAT, €359.99 inc. tax for the 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200 Chrome and Blackout kit and US $299.99 exc. tax, £279.99 inc. VAT, €319.99 inc. tax for the 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200 Chrome and Blackout kits.

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