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Samsung builds 256GB embedded memory

by on16 March 2016

Coming to a high end phone near you

Samsung has announced a 256GB embedded memory chip which is expected to provide all the storeage you smart phone can need.

The company says it has started mass production of the new chips which are based on the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 standard. It claims they are twice as fast as the  previous generation of UFS memory.

This should mean that many phones will go a lot faster. The memory chips also have a read speed twice as fast as typical SATA-based SSD, at 850MB/s, although the write speed is lower at 250MB/s.

Samsung says that the memory will allow for 'seamless Ultra HD video playback', and when combined with USB 3.0 tech, will mean much faster data transfer between devices.

The new chips are even smaller than external micoSD cards, making them easy to integrate into smartphone designs. An internal UFS memory will perform much better than expandable storage options.

Of course the Tame Apple Press is claiming that Samsung will be selling its drive to Apple so that the Jobs' Mob can show its superiority over Samsung gear.  While it is possible, we think it will end up in some Samsung products long before Apple gets its paws on it.


Last modified on 16 March 2016
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