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Intel Haswell EX and DDR4 showcased

by on13 September 2013

IDF 2013: Hiding at the show floor

Intel used the IDF stage to introduce the Ivy Bridge E high-end processors and roughly a year before the next update we managed to see the demo of a Haswell EX. It was a memory demo, a system filled with twelve 16 GB DDR4 memory modules.

Just for the sake of the memory manufacturer, we won’t post a picture, but the box was sealed and despite the fact that people could see the memory, it was hard to tell anything new about the CPU and the board.

The memory hits 2133 MT/s at 1.2V and is the future of high-end, there is no doubt about it. Some people were showing it running close to 3000 MT/s but we don’t expect to see Haswell EX shipping until the latter part of 2014, so there is quite some time for additional tweakage.

Intel is committed to continue feeding these processors to the market as apparently people are interested in buying them, just as well as the desktop graphics are not going to go away. Demand for desktop workstations is flat and some gamers with deep pockets will be interested as well.

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