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Patriot launches new Viper 3 DDR3 memory kits

by on06 June 2012

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Up to 2133MHz

Patriot Memory has come up with new Viper 3 Series DDR3 memory kits that will be available in dual, quad channel kits as well as single DIMM modules with speeds ranging from 1600MHz up to 2133+MHz.

The entire Viper 3 Series will be split into four different versions depending on the features, speed and differentiated by the color of the heatsink. The top of the offer are Black Mamba and Venom Red Viper 3 modules that are part of the high performance segment, followed by Sapphire Blue and Jungle Green kits.

The standard features of the entire lineup include XMP support, 1.35V+, 1600MHz+ and black PCB. The Jungle Green series will be limited to 1866MHz and are "Eco Friendly" DIMMs while Sapphire Blue goes all the way to 2133MHz and adds Intel XMP 1.3 certification. The Black Mamba and Venom Red are the top of the line offer and will most likely have tighter latencies while maintaining speeds of up to 2133MHz, with some further overclocking headroom.

As noted, the entire series will be available as single DIMM modules in 4 and 8GB size, as well as dual and quad channel kits for up to 32GB. The specially designed heatsink has high performance and superior heat dissipation in any scenario, according to Patriot.

The Black Mamba Viper 3 series is scheduled to show up retail/e-tail during this month while the rest of the lineup is expected sometimes during next month.

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Last modified on 06 June 2012
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