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Exceleram rolls out its new DDR3 memory kits

by on04 November 2010

6GB and 4GB kits

Following the recent release of its "Blue Culvert" 1.35V kits, Exceleram has released no less than eight different 1600/1333MHz, triple-channel 6GB and dual-channel 4GB kits.

All the kits are using 8-layer PCBs, are made by the same guys that did Mushkin in Europe and should be decent overclockers. The new kits will be a part of Exceleram's Red Culvert and Blue Culvert line. The 1600MHz Red Culvert kits range from 1333MHz to 1600 in both dual-channel 4GB and triple-channel 6GB configurations. The top of the line offer are 6GB (3x2GB) and 4GB (2x2GB) 1600MHz kits with 6-8-7-24 latency settings at 1.65V.

Exceleram has also announced 6GB and 4GB 1.5V Red Culvert kits working at 1333MHz and featuring 7-7-7-21 latencies. You can check out the full offer below.


- EB3102A 4GB 1600 6-8-7-24 1,65V RedCulvert
- EB3103A 6GB 1600 6-8-7-24 1,65V RedCulvert
- EB3100A 4GB 1600 6-9-8-24 1,65V RedCulvert
- EB3104A 6GB 1600 6-9-8-24 1,65V RedCulvert
- EB3120A 4GB 1600 7-8-7-24 1,65V BlueCulvert
- EB3121A 6GB 1600 7-8-7-24 1,65V BlueCulvert
- EB3117A 4GB 1333 7-7-7-21 1,50V RedCulvert
- EB3118A 6GB 1333 7-7-7-21 1,50V RedCulvert

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